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What is BRKFST world?

From !gm to !gm, our hope is that Brkfst World will be a space for any and all to come find friends and bond over their shared admiration and obsession of breakfast. Brkfst World will live at the intersection of the Metaverse and the Physical World, and also at the intersection of this space's most influential projects, bringing both digital and real life utility to all that hold their sndwchs close.

Though we have plans for The Menu (roadmap) of Brkfst World, we want to also have Brkst World be built by and for the community. We're all dreamers here, and we want every single one of you along for the ride.

Join the Brkfst World community on Twitter or Discord! The coffee is always flowing.

The Menu

Phase One: The Launch

Brkfst World takes over the Metaverse, feeding any and all the most delectable brkfstsndwchs they've ever had. Mint Day will be Saturday, October 30th. Mint Price will be between .045 - .075.

Phase Two: The Drop

All holders will receive something special and delicious. Hold your brkfstsndwch and this piece close, you will need them both to participate in Phase Three and beyond.

Phase Three: The Utility

Though we will always bring digital utility to our holders, Phase Three is specifically focused on real, tangible utility. We cannot share much at this stage, but as we progress closer to Phase Three, we will begin to release more information here.

The Team


Sifu Wellerman