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Journey of Brkfst World

On October 30th, 2021, Brkfst World took over the Metaverse as one of the first “food-based” NFTs, feeding any and all the most delectable brkfstsndwchs they've ever had. The initial mint price for a Brkfst Sndwch was .055 ETH. The project minted during a very volatile time in the crypto-space. ETH was hitting all-time highs, resulting in the NFT market to slow down to a near halt. With this, the team decided to close minting and focus on bringing to life a few real-world products to reward holders of the NFT with. Enter Brkfst World Coffee, which you can read more about below. Upon development of the Brkfst World Coffee brand and production of the first roast, the team decided to reopen mint to welcome more people into the project, into The Diner.

The Brkfst World Genesis NFT is still minting and will continue to be until all 6,969 Brkfst Sndwchs have found their home, or, plate rather.

So, why Brkfst World?

A letter from brkfstsndwch.

Ever since I can remember, I've been an early-riser. Someone who is almost always up before the sun, to enjoy the quiet. Whether that's at home, at the local coffee shop, or at the diner down the street while everyone is preparing for their day ahead.

To me, breakfast has always been so much more than just a meal. Breakfast is a moment in your day that you get to choose what to make of it. Breakfast is a moment that you get to sit across from a friend and share a conversation. Breakfast is a moment that you have the opportunity to be surrounded by your family, your loved ones. Breakfast is a moment in your day where you get to dream.

And that is why Brkfst World. We have created Brkfst World to be a place where people can come and do all of the above. It is a space for dreaming, for finding friends, for making connections that go far deeper than the digital space we are currently living in.

Yes, we will always bring value and utility to the digital space. But to us, Brkfst World is just as important in real life too. The real world isn't going anywhere. And our hope is that by building Brkst World, we can make a positive impact on both the digital and the physical.

Every single time a community member shares that they wish they could spend more time in discord with us, we remind them that in Brkst World, real life comes first. Always. Brkfst World is about balance. It's about inclusion. It's about building a community that supports your dreams, but also dreams with you. And man, are we dreaming. Brkfst World is just getting started and it is the honor of our lives to have each and every one of you along for the journey with us.

We love you all. Stay hungry.

BRKFST World Coffee

Through brkfstsndwchs affinity for coffee and all things surrounding it, it made perfect sense for the first real-world product to come out of Brkfst World to be coffee. Over the holiday season of 2021, the team thoughtfully sourced the right coffee producer and roaster to bring things to life. After finding the perfect production partner, it was time to determine what the first roast would be. The team ultimately chose a single origin from the farm Café Femenino. The Café Femenino coffee program is one-of-a-kind ethical sourcing model committed to ending the cycle of poverty affecting women coffee farmers across the world. Café Femenino provides direct compensation to women farmers, along with the opportunity and resources to enact positive change in their communities and on their own terms.

To us the quality of the coffee is just as important as the people who make it. That is why Café Femenino was the perfect first-roast partner for Brkfst World.

We will be rotating and adding new roasts quarterly from around the globe.

Future Plans of Brkfst World

Brkfst World was founded to be a place for all to come and enjoy time with close friends. As we grow, our goals and dreams will too. We hope to someday have a place for all sndwchs to enjoy. Whether that be in the metaverse or in real life, only time will tell!

Brkfst World: CC0

First. What does it mean to be Public Domain?

You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. Read more here.

In the context of NFTs, your IP license is the equivalent of an API. if you create a product without an API in this space, you're simply NGMI (not going to make it). We believe that the collective community as a whole is smarter, more talented, and more capable than any set of founders could ever be. Here at Brkfst World, we believe that whole-heartedly. We will continue to build on our promises, but we want the community to know that Brkfst World is also there to be a starting point for each and every one of you to create, to build, to explore.

Our Friends: Communities that Inspired Brkfst World

Blue Cat Bagel
Blue Ghost Bagel
Ascension Background
Nouns Glasses

First, Cool Cats. The community that has formed around Cool Cats is one that pours love, acceptance, equality, and support out to absolutely everyone. Holder or not. And that’s the foundation we hope to hold forever within the Brkfst World community.

Next, CrypToadz. Of course the art of @supergremplin is unmatched in this space. But beyond that, it’s the carefree atmosphere that the Toadz bring each and every day. One of no worries and only vibes. An atmosphere we hope is alive within Brkfst World all the time.

Then comes Creature World by @dannycoleee. The community that has been built within Creature World is one of tighter bonds than we have ever experienced before. One of true friendships. One of always having one another’s backs. And that is an absolutely beautiful thing.

Last, but certainly not least is Nouns DAO. The wisdom of the Nouns community is one that we hope always rings true here in Brkfst World. Never settling. Always growing. Always building. Bring the brightest minds into this space to make it better, stronger, more beautiful.

If it weren’t for these communities, among many others, we wouldn’t be here. This is a reminder that each and every one of us is all in this together. Let’s have each other’s backs. Let’s grow together. Let’s build together.

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Collaborators of Brkfst World

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Down to the Meyer | Community Moderator

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